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Is Shuffling Your Songs Actually Random?

Episode 148 • April 10, 2016

Conspiracy theories have formed around the ubiquitous "shuffle" feature, but could it be that our perceptions of randomness are all wrong?

The Role of Songs in Movie Trailers

Episode 147 • April 3, 2016

When a song is featured in a movie trailer, does it actually help sell the film? If so, why is it often not featured in the film itself?

"Musical Compatibility" in Relationships

Episode 146 • March 16, 2016

What does it mean to be "musically compatible" with your partner? Are musical tastes enough to make or break your attraction to someone?

Campaign Songs are Often Used Illegally

Episode 145 • March 12, 2016

Political campaigns usually play songs without permission from the respective artists. As you might expect, this frequently leads to issues.

Bastardizing Song Lyrics for TV Commercials

Episode 144 • March 6, 2016

Advertisers will periodically modify the lyrics to a popular song to help sell their products on TV. Is it as effective as it is shameless?

Shaquille O'Neal's Rap Career

Episode 143 • February 27, 2016

A lot of people don't know that this NBA all-star had a rap career that spanned 8 years and several albums. So, how good was Shaq's music?

Black History Month: "I'm Black and I'm Proud" by James Brown

Episode 142 • February 20, 2016

After finding success with audiences of all colors, James Brown's famous empowerment song managed to drive away his entire white audience.

Black History Month: "Sister Rosa" by the Neville Brothers

Episode 141 • February 13, 2016

It's time to clear up some of the details behind Rosa Parks' famous protest, and introduce you to a song that pays tribute to her legacy.

Black History Month: "By the Time I Get to Arizona" by Public Enemy

Episode 140 • February 7, 2016

This politically charged rap song was a direct response to the state of Arizona repealing MLK Day in 1990, and it doesn't pull any punches.

Black History Month: "Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder

Episode 139 • February 1, 2016

Did you know that this hit song was written to help lobby for MLK's birthday to become a national holiday? We commend you, Little Stevie.