Welome to our podcast about musical things!

Why Do Some Singers Go Bankrupt?

Episode 132 • November 12, 2015

The richer you get, the harder you fall. Some singers have made poor decisions with their riches, but there are often other factors at play.

How Has "La Di Da Di" Influenced Rap Music?

Episode 131 • November 6, 2015

This pioneering hip hop song isn't very catchy in itself, but it's managed to provide lyrical inspiration to rap artists for over 30 years.

Songs That Reference Other Singers

Episode 130 • October 25, 2015

Have you ever heard a song with direct lyrical ties to another singer? We discuss some examples of this and learn the stories behind them.

Wendy's Musical Training Videos from 1989

Episode 129 • October 12, 2015

Wendy's employees-in-training were once treated with these catchy tunes about flipping burgers, serving hot drinks and scooping chili.

Review of "Coming Home" by Leon Bridges

Episode 128 • August 30, 2015

Leon Bridges is a contemporary soul singer quickly rising to the mainstream. Naturally, it's our duty to give our two cents on his debut.

Songs About Butts

Episode 127 • August 22, 2015

This is an episode about butts. If you need further explanation, this isn't the podcast for you.

Review of "The Wiz"

Episode 126 • August 10, 2015

We're off to see the Wiz! This 1978 musical film adaptation of the Wizard of Oz starred Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, among many others.

The 10 Worst Music Videos!

Episode 125 • July 29, 2015

We're celebrating our 125th episode with a countdown of music videos that we hate, for songs that we legitimately like. Get ready to cringe!

Is the "Happy Birthday" Song Copyrighted?

Episode 124 • July 15, 2015

Revelations about the Happy Birthday song inspired us to discuss how music royalties work. They're a lot more complicated than we thought!

How Popular Music Actually Works

Episode 123 • July 12, 2015

Top 40 radio stations and a handful of corporations basically control which music is deemed "popular." Is there anything we can do about it?