Welome to our podcast about musical things!

What Were 8-Track Tapes?

Episode 138 • January 27, 2016

The notorious 8-track tape has been a punchline for decades. But how did it work? Who invented it? And most importantly, why did it fail?

50 Years Ago in 1966

Episode 137 • January 14, 2016

We're kicking off 2016 with a handful of songs and fun facts from half a century in the past. It's amazing how much can change in 50 years.

Review of "It's a Holiday Soul Party" by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

Episode 136 • December 13, 2015

This new album mixes the proven throwback-soul stylings of Daptone Records with the wintery cheer of the holidays. Now where's that eggnog?

Our 2 Favorite Albums of 2015!

Episode 135 • December 6, 2015

As the year comes to a close, we've decided to do a double review of "All Possible Futures" by Miami Horror and "Magnifique" by Ratatat.

How Has "Soul Makossa" Influenced Music?

Episode 134 • November 28, 2015

This obscure little Afro-funk song from 1972 gained an unexpected level of popularity, and continues to be referenced in songs to this day.

The Artists of TK Records

Episode 133 • November 17, 2015

This Miami-based record label was behind many of the biggest acts of the disco era, including KC & the Sunshine Band and George McCrae.

Why Do Some Singers Go Bankrupt?

Episode 132 • November 12, 2015

The richer you get, the harder you fall. Some singers have made poor decisions with their riches, but there are often other factors at play.

How Has "La Di Da Di" Influenced Rap Music?

Episode 131 • November 6, 2015

This pioneering hip hop song isn't very catchy in itself, but it's managed to provide lyrical inspiration to rap artists for over 30 years.

Songs That Reference Other Singers

Episode 130 • October 25, 2015

Have you ever heard a song with direct lyrical ties to another singer? We discuss some examples of this and learn the stories behind them.

Wendy's Musical Training Videos from 1989

Episode 129 • October 12, 2015

Wendy's employees-in-training were once treated with these catchy tunes about flipping burgers, serving hot drinks and scooping chili.