Welome to our podcast about musical things!

The Latest Spotify Lawsuit / The Resurgence of Cassette & Vinyl

Episode 214 • February 4, 2018

Does Spotify deserve to pay out $1.6 billion in royalty damages? Also, how has 80s nostalgia led to record sales in both cassettes and vinyl?

Singers With Famous Children

Episode 213 • December 30, 2017

It might not be too surprising that many singers have children who also become well known, whether they become actors or singers themselves.

Review of "Soul of a Woman" by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

Episode 212 • December 18, 2017

This posthumous collection from some of Jones' last recordings manages to strike a delightful balance between somber and uplifting soul music.

An Exploration of Voice Synthesizers

Episode 211 • November 14, 2017

Musicians have been using talk boxes, vocoders and auto-tune for decades. But what's the difference between these popular vocal techniques?

Suppressing White Power Music

Episode 210 • November 8, 2017

Music is sometimes used as a platform for white supremacists, but major music platforms have taken a stand to scrub out this hateful material.

Review of "World Wide Funk" by Bootsy Collins

Episode 209 • November 3, 2017

Decades after his heyday, Bootsy proves that his style is still relevant today with this album packed with musical influences and guests.

Short-Lived Pop Music Genres

Episode 208 • October 27, 2017

Some music genres stick around for decades, but a few of them skyrocket to popularity for only a few years before disappearing just as quickly.

What Was Disco Demolition Night?

Episode 207 • October 21, 2017

On July 12, 1979, an ill-fated promotion at a White Sox baseball game quickly led to absolute chaos as haters of disco unleashed their fury.

Songs About Breasts

Episode 206 • October 14, 2017

After our notorious episode about butts, it only makes sense that we'd set out to find the most titillating songs dedicated to "the girls."

What's on NASA's Voyager Records?

Episode 205 • October 6, 2017

In 1977, NASA launched two space probes carrying a special package: gold-plated records with exemplary pictures, sounds and music from Earth.