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Should We Reconstruct the Voices of Dead Singers?

Episode 219 • Apr. 14, 2018

Old JFK recordings were recently reconstructed into a speech he never gave. Could this technology have implications on the future of music?

All About Boy Bands

Episode 218 • Apr. 9, 2018

These dreamy young men have been stealing our hearts for generations. But what qualities make boy bands such a unique form of pop music?

Rap Songs That Reference 90s Cartoons

Episode 217 • Apr. 2, 2018

Contemporary rappers often mention the cartoons that many of us grew up with, either in a single line of a song, or a more significant homage.

The History of Karaoke

Episode 216 • Feb. 17, 2018

Karaoke has long established itself as a staple of drunk bar patrons with an inflated sense of vocal ability. But where did it all begin?

What Are Rhythm Games?

Episode 215 • Feb. 11, 2018

From Guitar Hero to Just Dance, rhythm games have challenged players to stay on the beat with a variety of unique gameplay techniques.

The Latest Spotify Lawsuit / The Resurgence of Cassette & Vinyl

Episode 214 • Feb. 4, 2018

Does Spotify deserve to pay out $1.6 billion in royalty damages? Also, how has 80s nostalgia led to record sales in both cassettes and vinyl?

Singers With Famous Children

Episode 213 • Dec. 30, 2017

It might not be too surprising that many singers have children who also become well known, whether they become actors or singers themselves.

Review of "Soul of a Woman" by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

Episode 212 • Dec. 18, 2017

This posthumous collection from some of Jones' last recordings manages to strike a delightful balance between somber and uplifting soul music.

An Exploration of Voice Synthesizers

Episode 211 • Nov. 14, 2017

Musicians have been using talk boxes, vocoders and auto-tune for decades. But what's the difference between these popular vocal techniques?

Suppressing White Power Music

Episode 210 • Nov. 8, 2017

Music is sometimes used as a platform for white supremacists, but major music platforms have taken a stand to scrub out this hateful material.