Welome to our podcast about musical things!

Short-Lived Pop Music Genres

Episode 208 • Oct. 27, 2017

Some music genres stick around for decades, but a few of them skyrocket to popularity for only a few years before disappearing just as quickly.

What Was Disco Demolition Night?

Episode 207 • Oct. 21, 2017

On July 12, 1979, an ill-fated promotion at a White Sox baseball game quickly led to absolute chaos as haters of disco unleashed their fury.

Songs About Breasts

Episode 206 • Oct. 14, 2017

After our notorious episode about butts, it only makes sense that we'd set out to find the most titillating songs dedicated to "the girls."

What's on NASA's Voyager Records?

Episode 205 • Oct. 6, 2017

In 1977, NASA launched two space probes carrying a special package: gold-plated records with exemplary pictures, sounds and music from Earth.

A Beginner's Guide to Metal Music

Episode 204 • Sep. 30, 2017

With help from our special guest host Eric, we dive into the mysterious world of metal and learn a few things about this complex musical genre.

An Exploration of Jingles

Episode 203 • Sep. 24, 2017

Radio & TV jingles do more than just sell products. They can incite nostalgia or become a part of pop culture. What makes them so successful?

The iPod Shuffle for Spotify?

Episode 202 • Sep. 17, 2017

This tech startup is selling portable devices specifically for playing Spotify playlists. But can it survive in the age of the smartphone?

The Rise and Fall of Ringtones

Episode 201 • Sep. 12, 2017

Remember how popular ringtones used to be? What factors contributed to their success in the mid 2000s, and why are they no longer a thing?

What's the Most Common Word in Music?

Episode 200 • Sep. 6, 2017

How have song lyrics and titles evolved over the past 100 years? Data shows us which words have faded away, and which ones have stuck around.

Which Rapper Has the Best Vocabulary?

Episode 199 • Sep. 2, 2017

Data doesn't lie! With some in-depth analysis, you can see exactly which rappers have the best (and worst) variety of words in their lyrics.