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Review of "The Shapes" by Miami Horror

Episode 188 • Apr. 27, 2017

This short EP packs a serious punch of 80s pop & new wave influence, showing that this musical style can still be wonderfully relevant.

Is Stevie Wonder Really Blind?

Episode 187 • Apr. 22, 2017

In a world full of dumb conspiracy theories, it's not surprising that some people believe Stevie Wonder is faking his lifelong disability.

Review of Netflix's "The Get Down: Part II"

Episode 186 • Apr. 15, 2017

While this musical miniseries is great overall, its second half shows some weaknesses that are likely reflective of the show's cancellation.

Indie / Soul Collaborations

Episode 185 • Feb. 23, 2017

Something old and something new. These independent musicians have collaborated with legendary soul artists to create some great new songs.

What's the Deal With the Seinfeld Bass Riff?

Episode 184 • Feb. 15, 2017

Just about everyone knows the theme song from "Seinfeld." But who was the man behind this musical gem of the 90s, and why was it so funky?

Why Do So Many Rap Songs Mention Grey Poupon Mustard?

Episode 183 • Feb. 12, 2017

Sparked from a popular ad campaign in the early 80s, this rich man's condiment found itself in dozens of rap songs in the years following.

What Was the First Song Ever Recorded?

Episode 182 • Feb. 5, 2017

In 1860, a Frenchman created the world's first recording of the human voice—but it wasn't until 2008 that we were able to listen to it.

2 Quirky Inventions That Pioneered On-Demand Music

Episode 181 • Jan. 30, 2017

100 years before the days of Spotify, or even the Sony Walkman, inventors had some crazy ways of bringing on-demand music to the masses.

Were These Song Melodies Stolen?

Episode 180 • Jan. 21, 2017

Have you ever heard two songs with similar melodies? We decided to put five of them to the test and found a surprising mix of conclusions.

#1 Pop Songs on Christmas Day

Episode 179 • Dec. 22, 2016

What songs have topped the charts on Christmas day for the past 50 years? No one's wondering this, but we're out of ideas so here you go.