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Coronavirus & the Vinyl Record Industry

Episode 272 • May 25, 2020

Independent record shops have been fundamental to the resurgence of vinyl, but these small businesses are now struggling in these uncertain times.

What Are Sample Rate, Bit Depth & Bit Rate?

Episode 271 • May 21, 2020

These technical aspects of digital audio aren't exactly common knowledge, but they define the quality of the music you listen to every day.

The Magic of Music Recognition Apps

Episode 270 • May 11, 2020

Apps like Shazam and SoundHound are really useful for identifying songs. The process takes seconds, but it's surprisingly complex under the hood.

Music for Cats?

Episode 269 • Mar. 26, 2020

We love kitties. But do kitties love music? Composer David Teie sought the answer with his experimental music scientifically designed tor cats.

Understanding Pitch

Episode 268 • Feb. 16, 2020

The concept of auditory pitch is surprisingly subjective. In fact, this psychological phenomenon is at the very root of how we perceive sound.

Review of "Low Season" by Poolside

Episode 267 • Feb. 8, 2020

The masters of summer jams are back with a third album. But with a restructured band and a new style, this may be a turning point for many fans.

The History & Tech of Surround Sound

Episode 266 • Jan. 30, 2020

Simulating natural 3-dimensional sound is a complicated science. While it's been popularized in recent decades, it's actually a much older concept.

A Brief History of the See 'N Say

Episode 265 • Jan. 14, 2020

This classic toy was built on the idea of playing back specific sounds on command. But how exactly did Mattel accomplish this back in 1965?

The Murder of Sam Cooke

Episode 264 • Jan. 10, 2020

Legendary singer Sam Cooke was shot and killed at the height of his career. Was it a case of self-defense, or was there foul play involved?

Review of "Dolemite Is My Name"

Episode 263 • Dec. 17, 2019

This fun Netflix film tells the true story of Rudy Ray Moore, a legendary entertainer in the 70s with a uniquely vulgar and eccentric personality.