Welome to our podcast about musical things!

Why Are Silent Songs a Thing?

Episode 248 • May 19, 2019

Silent musical compositions are more common than you might think, and their purpose ranges from simple humor to the exploitation of royalties.

Unusual Music Players

Episode 247 • May 9, 2019

The consumer music market has seen a number of odd devices over the last few decades, from undersized CD players to stylish vertical turntables.

Songs Written or Recorded in the Bathroom

Episode 246 • May 4, 2019

They say the greatest ideas come from the bathroom. Music is no exception, as a few well-known songs have originated from this magical place.

A Quick Look at Mini Vinyl Records

Episode 245 • Apr. 23, 2019

While it's been treated more as a gimmick than a serious music format, the 3-inch record has made a few interesting appearances over the years.

A Quick Look at Mini CDs

Episode 244 • Apr. 16, 2019

Although the format is still alive and kicking today, the music industry really only embraced mini CDs for a couple of years in the late 80s.

Is High-Speed Internet to Blame for Music Piracy?

Episode 243 • Apr. 11, 2019

A new lawsuit from the big record companies begs the question: are internet providers enticing digital pirates by selling high-speed internet?

How Will 3D Printing Affect Music?

Episode 242 • Mar. 16, 2019

Music enthusiasts have been pioneering a variety of 3D printing experiments, from manufacturing new instruments to printing records on demand.

The Microcassette Experiment

Episode 241 • Feb. 27, 2019

On the heels of our recent topic about miniature cassettes, we made some purchases and ran some tests to see how music actually sounds on them.

The History of Lo-Fi Music

Episode 240 • Feb. 21, 2019

Being less of a musical genre and more of a production style, lo-fi has long stood for a rejection of clean, mainstream production standards.

What is the Smallest Cassette Tape?

Episode 239 • Feb. 17, 2019

Compact cassettes were widely adopted for their portability, but a number of smaller variants were later introduced. Which was the smallest?