Welome to our podcast about musical things!

An Exploration of EPs

Episode 228 • Sep. 29, 2018

An extended play (or EP) can offer musicians more artistic freedom and less commercial pressure than a full album. Why are they so uncommon?

Is Stereo Really Better Than Mono?

Episode 227 • Sep. 16, 2018

Stereophonic audio has been a standard in music for half a century. But just how noticeable is the quality when compared to its predecessor?

Late Summer News Bites

Episode 226 • Sep. 10, 2018

In this grab bag of recent topics, we discuss everything from Peter's concert experience, to obituaries, to Snoop Dogg's upcoming cookbook.

Is the Brown Note a Real Thing?

Episode 225 • Jul. 29, 2018

According to a decades-old urban legend, listening to a specific low-frequency tone will make you poop your pants. Challenge accepted.

Review of "Head Over Heels" by Chromeo

Episode 224 • Jul. 22, 2018

This contemporary funky duo has had a special place in our hearts for years. Are they getting stagnant, or are we just ready for something new?

The History of Chiptune Music

Episode 223 • Jun. 9, 2018

These beeps and boops were once a technological breakthrough for video game music, but this style is more widespread than you might think.

Review of "Good Thing" by Leon Bridges

Episode 222 • May 20, 2018

In his sophomore album, Bridges expresses his passion for branching out into new musical styles, but does so in a subtle and tasteful way.

Review of "Disorderlies"

Episode 221 • May 16, 2018

In 1987, the rap trio The Fat Boys starred in a comedy film full of mystery, suspense, old people and chocolate cakes. It was terrible.

Video Game Music From Our Childhoods

Episode 220 • May 13, 2018

While these may not be historically significant examples of video game music, they've proven to be some memorable bits of nostalgia for us.

Should We Reconstruct the Voices of Dead Singers?

Episode 219 • Apr. 14, 2018

Old JFK recordings were recently reconstructed into a speech he never gave. Could this technology have implications on the future of music?