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Pirate Radio in the Modern Age

Episode 231 • Nov. 10, 2018

As we've recently discussed, pirate radio is far from a bygone phenomenon. Illegal stations today are facing tougher enforcement than ever before.

Review of "Parcels" by Parcels

Episode 230 • Oct. 21, 2018

On the heels of their recent acclaim for upbeat songs and array of musical influences, this group's debut album sure doesn't disappoint.

What is Pirate Radio?

Episode 229 • Oct. 6, 2018

Radio has been closely regulated for the better part of a century. What happens when a rogue, unlicensed radio station takes to the airwaves?

An Exploration of EPs

Episode 228 • Sep. 29, 2018

An extended play (or EP) can offer musicians more artistic freedom and less commercial pressure than a full album. Why are they so uncommon?

Is Stereo Really Better Than Mono?

Episode 227 • Sep. 16, 2018

Stereophonic audio has been a standard in music for half a century. But just how noticeable is the quality when compared to its predecessor?

Late Summer News Bites

Episode 226 • Sep. 10, 2018

In this grab bag of recent topics, we discuss everything from Peter's concert experience, to obituaries, to Snoop Dogg's upcoming cookbook.

Is the Brown Note a Real Thing?

Episode 225 • Jul. 29, 2018

According to a decades-old urban legend, listening to a specific low-frequency tone will make you poop your pants. Challenge accepted.

Review of "Head Over Heels" by Chromeo

Episode 224 • Jul. 22, 2018

This contemporary funky duo has had a special place in our hearts for years. Are they getting stagnant, or are we just ready for something new?

The History of Chiptune Music

Episode 223 • Jun. 9, 2018

These beeps and boops were once a technological breakthrough for video game music, but this style is more widespread than you might think.

Review of "Good Thing" by Leon Bridges

Episode 222 • May 20, 2018

In his sophomore album, Bridges expresses his passion for branching out into new musical styles, but does so in a subtle and tasteful way.