Welome to our podcast about musical things!

The Pokemon Theme Song

Episode 285 • Aug. 15, 2020

Pokemon is undeniably one of the most successful franchises ever made, and the TV show's classic theme song has an interesting backstory as well.

The Arthur Theme Song

Episode 284 • Aug. 4, 2020

The PBS show Arthur has been entertaining children for decades, and its catchy theme song has continued to hold a special place in our hearts.

The Role of Music in Nostalgia

Episode 283 • Jul. 30, 2020

It's no secret that certain songs can trigger fond memories of our past. But why do our brains form those connections in the first place?

What the Heck is Vaporwave?

Episode 282 • Jul. 24, 2020

This bizarre and eclectic genre was born from the internet in the 2010s, emulating the style of the 80s and 90s in an almost comical fashion.

What Was Italo Disco?

Episode 281 • Jul. 16, 2020

As disco fell out of style, Italian musicians started making a new brand of dance music that would help define the synth sound of the 1980s.

Review of “Quarantine Casanova” by Chromeo

Episode 280 • Jul. 11, 2020

Chromeo's new EP explores the frustrating aspects of these uncertain times, but not without a healthy dose of funky beats and humorous lyrics.

Remembering Our College Radio Sweeps

Episode 279 • Jun. 29, 2020

For the first time in years, we're looking back at the wacky sound clips we played on our old show. Weird humor and obscure references ahead!

Let's Play the Motown Quiz! (Part 2)

Episode 278 • Jun. 19, 2020

From renowned girl groups to prodigy solo singers, Motown had it all. Our shenanigans continue as we complete the second half of this great quiz.

Let's Play the Motown Quiz! (Part 1)

Episode 277 • Jun. 15, 2020

More than just a record studio, Motown defined a new era of racially integrated music in the 1960s & 70s. But how much trivia can we recall?

Let's Play the '70s Music Quiz!

Episode 276 • Jun. 10, 2020

We have pretty decent knowledge of 70s pop music... or so we think. It's time to test our knowledge and learn some fun facts along the way!