Welome to our podcast about musical things!

The Story of Flea Market Montgomery

Episode 256 • Sep. 21, 2019

Since his catchy TV ad went viral in 2006, Sammy Stephens' humorous musical style has been a breath of fresh air in the world of advertising.

Who Killed Tupac & Biggie? (Part 2)

Episode 255 • Sep. 9, 2019

The investigation into these infamous murders has been plagued with difficulties for years... But the answers might have finally been found.

Who Killed Tupac & Biggie? (Part 1)

Episode 254 • Sep. 4, 2019

The murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls are as complex as they are fascinating. Neither case has officially been solved, so what happened?

How Loud is Too Loud?

Episode 253 • Sep. 1, 2019

Everyone knows loud music can damage your hearing, but where exactly should you draw the line? Can loud music have other consequences, too?

Music for Plants?

Episode 252 • Aug. 22, 2019

Since the 1970s, a lot people have believed that playing music can help their plants grow. Science doesn't back it up, so why is this a thing?

Review of "Mr. T's Commandments"

Episode 251 • Aug. 18, 2019

In 1984, Mr. T made his musical debut with this utterly absurd rap album of positive life lessons for the children. What a time to be alive!

A History of Podcasting

Episode 250 • Jul. 25, 2019

To celebrate our biggest milestone ever, we're discussing the medium of podcasting itself, including its history, trends and possible future.

Meme Songs

Episode 249 • Jun. 9, 2019

Shenanigans are always afoot on the internet, and music is no exception! Some songs have enjoyed unexpected fame from bizarre trolls and jokes.

Why Are Silent Songs a Thing?

Episode 248 • May 19, 2019

Silent musical compositions are more common than you might think, and their purpose ranges from simple humor to the exploitation of royalties.

Unusual Music Players

Episode 247 • May 9, 2019

The consumer music market has seen a number of odd devices over the last few decades, from undersized CD players to stylish vertical turntables.